Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lets Try This Again...

Alright. The last time I was "blogging" was for a class project. I think that was Junior year of college which would be 2007. I just realized the internet is vast and I could look this up (one moment). October 15th, 2007, a good guess by me. That was a dumb class. Moving on.

I've been needing to find a way to get whatever it is in my head out of it for a long while now. I have been thinking bigger but there's been issues every which way. So while making my Top 10 Lists of 2010 I couldn't figure out the best place to put them. Posting them on Twitter wouldn't work, that's not the point of that. And making a "note" on Facebook means only a handful (if that) would actually read it. Now I'm not saying ANYONE is going to read them on here (or that anyone is or will be reading this even). But it does seem like a more permanent spot.

I can't promise how often I will post on here or what it will be about. But frankly that's why I'm doing it. Its here when I need it to be and we'll leave it at that. Please comment when you read a post for no other reason than I know you were here, like leaving your dirty shoes on when you come into someone's house.

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