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Top 10 TV Shows of 2010: #5 Modern Family

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What is there to say about Modern Family that hasn't already been said? Some critics tend to hold this show too high and often expect too much out of it each week. I understand that because most episodes are consistently laugh out loud funny and rarely has jokes or gags that don't payoff the right way. I can understand if some people don't find it funny as most of the plots and characters are very relate-able and if you can't relate with the premise of the show then you may not find as funny as others. I, luckily, relate a lot to this show. I spend a lot of time with my family and this is the one show we'll make sure we watch together each week even though there are several shows we watch that overlap our DVRs. If you really think about it, when was the last time there was a family comedy that the majority agreed upon and watched? Everybody Loves Raymond? Family Matters? Full House?

Everyone knows that this show succeeds for two reasons: the writing and the cast. This show is the definition of ensemble. Each actor shares the duties week to week, and no one (other than maybe Lily, the baby) seems to ever be left behind or forgotten. It just seems to be the right mixture of people that have a realistic chemistry to them. I once said to my parents, "How much less funny would this show be if it had a laugh-track like all the CBS comedies?" Seriously, if you think about it this is the first comedy on network TV that has really mastered the single camera family comedy since Arrested Development left the air.

I was so extremely happy and relieved when Eric Stonestreet won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy last year. He was my pick and I still thought it was a long shot at best that he would win. He clearly carried the best episode of the series so far, Fizbo, where he dresses up as his clown character for Luke's birthday party and accidents happen EVERYWHERE; I could watch that episode everyday and still be laughing about it. You rarely see newcomers do as well as Modern Family did, especially at the Emmy's. The reality is almost anyone has a strong shot at winning awards on this show. Every episode I laugh uncontrollably at how dumb but honest Ty Burrell's character can be, the random stupid thing they give Luke (played by real-life genius Nolan Gould), and how much more suave of a man Rico Rodriguez is than myself.

This season its obvious that Sofia Vergara has been given more to do and has really come into her own on the show as a comedic force. The Emmy this year has to be her's to lose for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Can you think of anyone funnier on television right now, because I can't. My Dad still laughs randomly thinking of their neighbors who think the have a loud-mouthed parrot at home when in reality its just her shouting her husbands name in her think Colombian accent, "JAY!"

If you haven't given this show a shot, watch the pilot and see what you think. If it doesn't instantly make you laugh consistently I won't blame you, I'll just be enjoying myself while also knowing what your missing out on... Underneath the moonlight, moonlight.

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