Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 10 TV Shows of 2010: #3 Community

If you don't like Community then I feel sorry for you, and you're probably really really old. When this show got started it was marketed as bringing Joel McHale of The Soup to network television and bringing Chevy Chase back to TV. That potentially is a vast difference in the type of viewer that follows those two stars (although I think Chevy Chase is for everyone). It quickly became apparent that McHale wasn't the star of this show and Chase was being used just the right amount to maximize his craziness. It turns out that Community is one of the best (if not THE best) ensembles of actors/characters on television.

Abed, played by Chicago native Danny Pudi, is the best original characters on television. How he interacts with his friends can only be described as the way a baby alien would try to understand the simple things every person does throughout their day. He's like an encyclopedia of useless movie and TV knowledge that makes even the largest nerd have to check Wikipedia after an episode. If Jim Parsons can win awards for The Big Bang Theory, then certainly Pudi deserves at least a nomination at some point.

What's your favorite episode? If you said Modern Warfare (shown above) then congratulations, you're in the majority! Needless to say, I'm in the majority too! Its just such an amazing episode. What other show can you remember putting normalcy aside randomly throughout the weekly episodes to bring you something so creative and inventive like a school-wide paintball battle in the style of classic action movies? Most likely never because who would dare attempt something like that? On top of that it has really found its own voice by being able to make sure the human side and friendships still find their way into each episode while still being surrounded by the pop culture references and silly gags. All of this combines together for a one of a kind show that is just a breathe of fresh ideas and random enjoyment.

Now here is a Behind the Scenes clip from the Modern Warfare episode, enjoy:

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