Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

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There has been a lot of mixed reviews and opinions out there for Ricky Gervais. I understand why, but part of me doesn't get it. I always thought the point of having him being a host of the Golden Globes was so he could say things that no one else would. I do agree that most of his jokes were mean spirited and he certainly broadened his targets to a lot more people who were actually at the awards in comparison to last year. He also went on every talk show last week warning everyone that this was exactly what he was going to do! I absolutely get why some people are upset but I don't think that most people are use to his kind of comedy. I was lucky enough to see Ricky at the Chicago Theater in the Fall for his stand-up special and there were just as many moans, groans, and silent patches throughout that night as there was at the Golden Globes on Sunday. His type of humor just isn't for everyone, and even most people probably don't admit. I was one of the people in Chicago who laughed uncontrollably throughout his set and did it again as he made fun of The Tourist (Which everyone had continuously thought was a joke to be nominated anyway, let alone the two stars).

Overall I was very pleased with the results of who went home with the tiny statues. Here are some quick thoughts on the winners:

  • The Social Network winning for Best Picture Drama, Director, and Screenplay made me very happy. It ended up being my favorite movie of the year. It seems over-hyped, but that's probably because it was so good. The only director I really think that I would have been pleased to win otherwise is Christopher Nolan just because he translated his crazy vision so well onto the screen.
  • I was rooting for Jesse Eisenberg to win Best Actor in a Drama, but I had a gut feeling the whole time that Colin Firth would take it. I still really want to see The King's Speech because of the clips I've seen of his performance. And as my Mom said, "It looks boring" - The Golden Globes love those type of brilliant, but not for everyone portrayals.
  • Even if you haven't seen it you know that if any movie other than The Kids Are All Right won Best Comedy it wouldn't have been just silly. So thank goodness for that...
  • It was nice to see that Paul Giamatti thought the same thing I did when his name was called. How fun it is that he won in a category filled with "real" movie stars. He solidified how normal of a guy he is when he mentioned all the Godiva Chocolate he ate.
  • I was most happy with Katey Segal and Chris Colfer winning. They are the biggest reasons to watch their respective shows and it wouldn't have seemed right if anyone else won their categories.

Now excuse me, I have to go pretend I don't know who Rober De Niro is.

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