Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 TV Shows of 2010: #10 The League

I'm going to start things off with my Top 10 TV Shows of last year. Each day I'll post one of my favorite shows with my reasoning. After that I will do a recap and then move on to the Top 10 Movies of last year. Sound good? No?! Well too bad.

When The League started last season I was unsure how much I would enjoy it. I know just enough about Fantasy Football to do well, but not enough to understand why I do well. FX had been trying for years to find a show to fill the slot after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and half way through the first season it was obvious that The League had won out.

In it's second season the show has found its grove and was finally hitting everything right with very few misfires. It was obvious the cast had figured out what was best for the show and made it more about the dynamic between each of the friends, which were the funniest parts of the first season as well. I must admit for as much as I have loved Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia over the years, this season I can easily say I enjoyed The League more. They found ways to take each episode right to the edge of what you are willing to see and laugh at, and then go past it just for the hell of it. All of that combined with using just the right amount of Taco (the absent-minded pothead who just appears at random EVERYWHERE) in every episode had me laughing non-stop.

Tomorrow, #9 - A Show that almost no one watched, and never will get the chance to again.

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  1. Cheeks,
    All i have to say is, I have to get out more. or in rather...
    I have never watched this or always sunny...